Friday, December 15, 2006


Iz... stop smoking up!
Ok guys... she's 'tagged' me. And i've got to divulge 5 things about myself that people don't know.
So here goes.
1) I used to like the macarena, some songs from Aqua (yeah the barbie girl people) and even one song from Jessica Simpson called public affair. I hope I don't go to cool people's jail for this.

2) I HAVE to sleep on the right side of the bed. Or on the side that's not against the wall. Toss and turn for 15 minutes trying to find my position and end up on my side.

3) I'm a wimp when it comes to extreme sports/ events. Can't do bungee jumping. Roller coasters. And yeah, the most terryfing of em all. The Giant Wheel. I just can't take it. I like my legs on the ground. Not forming a bow around my neck.

4) To all my Indian friends - this is a biggie. I haven't watched Sholay.

5) This is a slightly embarassing one. Even though i'm from Goa - I can;t hold my liqour. 3 drinks Max. Then the loud off key singing. Then the 'not related to the conversation' insults. And then my hands start cramping.

The few people that actually read my blog are already tagged. Orange Jammies, Karen, Prashant, Prado, if you actually come back here, you're it.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Are you an ISH-ER?

So I’ve quit my job.
And that leaves me with a lot of time to think.
Here’s proof that that’s not such a good thing.

Are You an ‘ish-er?’

I’ve discovered this of late whilst talking to a friend of mine. She said “I’ll meet you at Seven thirty-ish.
Ka-ching Ka-ching. Goldmine on the loose. And I found it!

Seven thirty-ish. What does that mean?
It’s open to interpretation. And here’s the good part. We can customize ISH to fit (read as ‘get out of’) any situation.

I’ll show you how.

o Of course I love you-ish.
o Yes, I remembered to plug in the life support system-ish.
o I didn’t sleep with the white house intern-ish
o Yeah I know how to play the electric guitar, blindfolded, one hand tied behind my back and whipping up Duck a l’orange with the other, whilst calculating the value of pi up to 72 decimal points. Ish.
o Pull my finger. I promise I won’t fart - ish.
o I love your cooking! Just like my mom’s. – ish
o No I don’t think you’re psychotic-ish.
o Yes Jonathan – I love your blog. –ish.

Accomplished ishers usually disguise the ish within a cough. It’s takes a bit o practice. But you’ll get the hang of it. Let me know if you have anymore situations. Or if you’ve used ish successfully recently.
Now it’s time for me to take my pre lunch post early morning nap - nap. Ciao.